Non Nuoc Mountain – National monument

Non Nuoc Mountain historical site (formerly Duc Thuy Son) is a mountain located at the confluence of the Day River and Van River in Thanh Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City. This place is not only known as the ‘Earthly Fairyland’ but also as the ‘Poetry Museum’ with more than 40 poems by famous people engraved on the cliffs.

Núi Non Nước - Di tích cấp quốc gia
Núi Non Nước – Di tích cấp quốc gia

Non Nuoc Mountain in Ninh Binh is also a mountain chosen by many famous artists to write poetry. Today, there are still about 30 poems carved into stone by kings, mandarins, famous people, and poets. For example, Truong Han Sieu, Le Thanh Tong, Le Hien Tong, Thieu, Tri, Tu Duc, Pham Su Manh, Tan Da… Among them, the poem that Truong Han Sieu buried and engraved on stone is also the poem that names this mountain.

Non Nuoc Mountain is associated with many historical events of the country from various historical periods. The event of Queen Mother Duong giving the royal robe to Le Hoan on the Van River wharf at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain led to the transfer of power from the Dinh dynasty to the Early Le dynasty.

Located in an important position beside the Day River, Van River, Highway 10, and the confluence of many major roads, Non Nuoc Mountain has become a place associated with many of the most important historical events of our country.

In the past, Duc Thuy Son was not only a beautiful scene but also a powerful military fortress, dominating the South-North waterway. During the nation’s resistance war against the French and the Americans, many fierce battles associated with the names of revolutionary soldiers such as Luong Van Tuy and Giap Van Khuong took place on this mountain.

Non Nuoc Pagoda

This is an ancient pagoda located at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain. The pagoda is a historical relic, witnessing the transition of the regime from the Dinh Dynasty to the Le Dynasty. Besides enjoying ancient poems carved on cliffs by noble people, visitors can also feel the beauty and intense vitality of the Day River surrounding the Pagoda—a river that has passed through countless historical periods.

chùa non nước
Chùa non nước

Not only is it a favorite destination for locals, but every year millions of domestic and foreign tourists also come to visit Non Nuoc Pagoda. From afar, visitors will admire the peaceful and quiet scenery of the Vietnamese countryside. This is definitely a destination you cannot miss if you have visited Non Nuoc Mountain.

Windy Pavilion

Built in the 14th century and located in the middle of Non Nuoc Mountain, the Windward Pavilion is also a place where Truong Han Sieu, along with other individuals and writers, used to sit and recite poetry together. In the past, during the Ly Dynasty, this place also had a towering Linh Te Tower that was brought to life by Truong Han Sieu in the poem ‘Linh Te Thap Ky’.

Lầu đón gió
Lầu đón gió

Temple of Truong Han Sieu

Visiting time: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Truong Han Sieu Temple is located at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain next to the Day River, so it always has a cool climate, surrounded by cool green forests. This place was built to worship the cultural celebrity Truong Han Sieu. The temple is designed in the shape of the word ‘Dinh,’ above which there are two dragons flanking the moon.


Đền thờ Trương Hán Siêu
Đền thờ Trương Hán Siêu

Cultural and study promotion awards in Ninh Binh are usually awarded here every year. Along with that, every Tet holiday, the temple will organize a writing festival and give letters to students as well as local people. Therefore, tourists come to visit the temple in large numbers to ask for letters and burn incense to pray for peace for their families.


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