Dong Chuong Lake

Dong Chuong Lake is located on the border between three communes: Phu Loc, Phu Long, and Ky Phu, Nho Quan district. The lake is 45 hectares wide, surrounded by green pine hills, with glimpses of stilt houses by the lake, creating poetic and romantic scenes.

In the morning, fog covers the lake surface like fanciful smoke and waves. As the sun rises, the dew gradually disappears, and the sunlight shines on the pine trees, making the leaves and branches shiny with dew from the night, as if they want to absorb the morning sunlight, shimmering with magical colors. The entire area of pine hills looks like a pearl. The landscape seems to evoke a fairy tale feeling—dreamy and desolate. Hidden in the pine hills, bewildered animals hear the sound of a foghorn.

Hồ đồng chương
Hồ đồng chương

Sitting on the boat, looking up at the vast green pine hills, below the boat is the vast, clear water surface with bold clouds floating by. The wind blows gently, and everything blends together to form a natural water picture drawn among the countless flowers and leaves of the pine hills. Also here is Ba Tua waterfall and Nine Stream stream. The special and unique thing here is that after taking the boat to admire the scenery, visitors continue with a new visit: Climbing Canh Phuong hill to see the Heavenly Pond. Following the green pine hill, visitors to the top will see a high lake called Ao Thien, which is also clear and blue. Although small, it never runs out of water. That is a strange thing that nature has reserved for this place.

Khung cảnh hồ đồng chương

Visitors to Dong Chuong Lake will see the beauty of nature and the people of Ninh Binh. To green the bare hills and mountains, local people planted more pine trees around the lake. While preserving the environment, it also creates harmony for the natural picture here. Nature and people have made this lake reach perfection.

With beautiful scenery, fresh and cool air, Dong Chuong Lake is likened to the scenery of Da Lat and is an ideal weekend tourist destination for travelers.

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